The Story of Winston Berger

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The Bergers consist of two siblings - a boy, and a girl - the two of them have lived together ever since Winston was born. Five years after his birth their parents died, Madeleine knows how it happened but even after years of nagging she still hasn't told her brother. Winston only hardly remembers them, the older sister, even if only of two years remembers much more. Their parents didn't care for their children — Madeleine gave Winston his name when he was born.
After the death of their parents they lived in their childhood home until Madeleine was about 10, feasting on goods stolen from grovery stores and neighbors. By that time the house was so run down that it was raining through the roof.
The siblings had few friends among the other street children, sometimes lending them the comfort of their house; from them they heard about a supposed circus coming into town. Winston begged and begged his sister if they could ask to join the circus, it had been his dream ever since they saw a circus performance when their parents were still alive. Madeleine was hungry and knew the house woundn't host them much longer but still she wasn't happy about this. She wasn't hapy about this. Actually she simply rarely ever was. Quite the opposite of her brother who was a joyful boy, always grinning and smiling.
They were part of the circus family for a while, it provided food, education and shelter. Winston started performing as a magician when he got 15. Madeleine worked in ticket sales and popcorn making, performance wasn't her cup of tea_
Winston liked working at the circus, he loved performing, he loved the applause and he also loved the show-animals, what he didn't love were the people around him. They were always angry, yelling at him and his sister. Outside of the show, they weren't as silly as they liked to present themselves in front of the audience. The ringmaster was the worst of them all. He portrayed himself as their father, as everyone's father. By showing affection at just the right times he managed to get most everyone perfectly in his grip. He got Winston to do things for him, that no father worthy of that word would.
Over time he got more and more sick of everyone's attitude, he couldn't take it anymore. His time had come. He would make the circus funny again! He would put up a really good show, he would show everyone what it meant to have fun. True pure fun that could only be experienced with revenge...

They didn't approve, no one did. No one understood. Not even his sister, she out of all people should have understood. She would never forgive him for stepping over that line, that line that her conscience had always had access to. She wanted to leave now; the spirits of the victims wouldn't leave her alone. Winston had to leave. So they left. They walked and walked for miles.

They soon ran out of food and once they settled down with the money they had "brought" from the circus. Winston found his current day job at the pet store where he works very ambitiously. He doesn't like his boss a lot but he loves his work.
Every now and then he finds someone so fed up with life that he can't help but despise them to a point where he can't help but put measures into his own hands.

weapon of choice: pottery cable/ dagger_
  • wavy to curly hair, either bright red or black, trimmed every few months by himself
  • shaves every two days, beard hair is black
  • reading glasses always at the tip of his long broken nose, rarely in use even
  • mole on the left side of his chin
  • chews his fingernails
  • usually covered in bruises (malnurished + clumsy)
  • grinning most of the time
  • bloodshot eyes, green iris
  • tends to get nosebleeds very often but is annoyed by them and sometimes sticks a tampon in his nose to catch the blood
  • He is missing his left incisor, so if he doesn’t stuff his nosebleed away, the blood will flow into his mouth.
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